As Term 4 approaches it’s final weeks, we would like to say a thankyou to all parents who have responded with the feedback form linked in the newsletter. From this simple gesture we now have a better idea of how we will be structuring our 2021 programs and we will begin to announce these developments as we commence the Christmas break.

We’ve really enjoyed our first year of operations and will be looking to further expand the range of options we can provide. We are also always open to hearing your ideas and are keen to work on taking new directions.

Our coaching methodology is player centred.

This only has meaning if we take on board not just what we see on the field but also what we hear in our communications with players and parents alike. We’re really confident that this approach is working, as some of the performances outside of trainings will attest.

We also have been given increased confidence in our methodology after recently attending various conferences and coaching forums and finding that similar practices are now also being used in some of both Australia and the Worlds best Academy programs. Though not always obvious at times to the spectator, it is in the subtle choices that we make as coaches to try and find the best outcome for each player, each group and the squad as a whole. Rest assured that this is a process which we take seriously, which is ongoing with every session and also in our spare time in conversation and planning. Every decision on every detail is made with purpose and consideration.


We hope everyone has enjoyed the first year as much as we have, and thank you all for your enthusiasm and your support!

Football Coaching Byron Shire

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